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- William Pollard

Why I am Running for The TUHSD Governing Board

Why I am Running: 
While I believe we have made great progress within the Tempe Union community, there are many infrastructural, educational and administrative needs we need to improve.

Let us start by talking about how overworked our teachers and staff are OUTSIDE the workplace. With the $100M budget cut to education spending in 2016 from the AZ Legislature along with additional cuts and reallocations of funding through vouchers, our schools have been hemorrhaging teachers and running primarily upon the support of our community.

Analysis of the causality towards the drop in teacher retention showed that most teachers leave within the first three years of employment. Further analysis showed that when teachers leave, they do not transfer to other institutions in our State, they tragically leave elsewhere or leave the profession all together. Our teachers are overworked and are tasked to take on more responsibilities than ever. It is usurping their time and affecting their home lives.

To gain perspective on the issue of time and being overworked, let us take some simple estimates of how much time our teachers spend on just homework alone: 

The avg teacher in our district teaches 5 classes a semester. If each class contains 30 students, that equals how many students per teacher?

5 Classes x 30 Students per Class = 150 students


That teacher issues homework twice a week, how many assignments is that total? 

150 students   x  2 Homework Assignments per Student  =  300 Assignments

If that teacher spends 4 min grading each assignment, How much time does that teacher spend grading papers per week? Express your answer in minutes and hours. 

300 Assignments  x  4 minutes per assignment  =  1200 minutes   or  20 HOURS PER WEEK!!

The average teacher spends 20 hours a week grading papers alone! By working with our teachers and front office administrators, we can cut that time in half (if not more) while saving money. This requires simple business model solutions and as a board member I will provide that type of focus towards our school district. I have specific solutions. I will update this page to include more specifics as the weeks continue.

I love the progress Dr. Baca and thr District has accomplished with providing college credit towards students and strongly believe Dr. Kevin Medivil will be a great leader to continue this effort. This year we had over 20 students graduate with Associate Degrees. I would like to support further efforts towards increasing the courses available towards students and increasing the overall number of graduates with college credit. This allows the student to obtain credit at 10 cents on the dollar and begin life with up to half of the student loan debt eliminated. We can be that district that sets the standard.

Lastly, I firmly believe in supporting student activities. We need innovative programs and expand on what students can achieve, through cooperative projects. Many studies find that students who participate in student clubs have higher college acceptance rates and overall positive school experiences. I would like to encourage more opportunities for student clubs to have projects on campus. 

To learn more, please contact my website BarrazaForTempe.com or my name on social media. Thank you for taking the time to learn about your school board candidates.

Andres Adan Barraza

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