Barraza for Tempe Union High School Governing Board

Tempe Union High School District 213 School Zone Map

Emphasize a Collegiate Education

I would like to see the Tempe Union High School District continue to foster opportunities for our students to receive college level credit through partnerships with our local college institutions. 

I believe in providing our teachers with the tools and resources to be innovators. Working with our teachers and administrators to remodel the classroom experience and provide the latest technology for instruction, will help improve the education experience for our students while helping our teachers manage their coursework.

My goal is to:

  1. Strengthen teacher retention rates while recruiting top educators to our district.

  2. Reduce chronic absences and increase graduation rates through new student programs and services.

  3. Make TUHSD 213 the model for public education by producing the most students in Arizona who graduate with college credit and civic involvement.

Click on the Education Platform section of my page to find out more.  Contact our Campaign or attend one of our Town hall forums for more discussion.


            Thank you!

            Andres Adan Barraza

            Tempe Resident

            Candidate to TUHSD213


Thank you for learning about my candidacy for TUHSD School Board!